Modern Websites with Vue.js


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Welcome to Modern websites with Vue.js. This book shows you how to build state-of-the-art static websites using the latest technology stack.

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Table of Contents

1.0. Introduction

1.1. Why this book?

1.2. Who is this book for & Prerequisites

1.3. What will you learn

1.4. What will you build

2.0. Modern Front-end Web Development

2.1. Introduction to Front-end Web Development

2.2. What about the Back-end?

2.3. Evolution of Front-end Web Development

2.4. Disadvantages of WordPress

2.5. The Modern Web & Moving away from WordPress

2.6. Comparison of Front-end JavaScript Frameworks

3.0. Web Dev Languages & Tools

3.1. What do you need to know

3.2. Your Text Editor & Environment Setup

3.3. Introduction to the Command Line

3.4. Introduction to HTML

3.5. Introduction to CSS

3.6. Introduction to Responsive Web Design

3.7. Introduction to JavaScript

3.8. Introduction to npm, Node.js & Setup

3.9. Introduction to Git & Setup

3.10. Learn more

4.0. Vue.js Website with Form

4.1. Introduction to Vue.js

4.2. Main concepts in Vue.js

4.4. Project Objectives

4.5. Setup Vue.js & VuePress

4.6. Project Application Structure

4.6. Setup Source Control

4.7. Install VuePress

4.8. VuePress Directory Structure

4.9. Add VuePress Theme

4.10. Build Static Pages

4.11. Configure Routes

4.12. Deploy Site to Netlify

4.13. Build a Form

5.0. Vue.js Website with Content Management System

5.1. Introduction to Netlify CMS

5.2. Project Objectives

5.3. Netlify CMS Setup

5.4. What is OAuth?

5.4. OAuth Provider Setup

5.5. Conclusion

6.0 Conclusion

6.1. What you’ve learnt

6.2. Projects recap

6.3. Idea for further enhancements

6.4. Moving forward

6.5. Additional resources

6.6. Goodbye

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